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Christopher J. Pulliam, PhD

Senior Scientist, Measurement Enthusiast

With over 20 publications, multiple national research awards and patents, Dr. Christopher (Chris) Pulliam is a highly-motivated creative problem solver. Since fourth grade, Chris knew he wanted to be a Scientist and as he matriculated through the education system, he discovered his passion for chemistry. In 2012 he graduated from Pike High School and subsequently attended Purdue University where he focused his efforts towards his Chemistry major and Forensic Science and Law and Society minors. Upon graduating from Purdue University, he decided to stay at Purdue University to pursue a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the top university in the country for this program. In graduate school, Chris had two major passions, 1. improving representation of under-represented minorities through student-led recruiting and 2. mass spectrometry, specifically in situ analysis.

The central focus of Chris’ thesis was performing mass spectrometric analysis in places where mass spectrometers don’t typically belong using a small shoe-box sized mass spectrometer. For example, he designed experiments that led him to perform chemical analysis in the clinic, in agricultural fields, in the home, and in the organic synthesis lab. This type of research requires unique considerations because when taking an instrument that usually belongs in a climate-controlled setting out of that environment, many things can and will go wrong!

Now Dr. Pulliam is a Senior Scientist at a major US consumer goods company where he leverages high-end mass spectrometry and data science to answer questions related to product performance, product safety, and competitive product analysis.

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  1. Enjoyed the blog, really enjoyed your story. Looking forward to seeing where the science takes us in your next post.

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